Although succulents are tough, adaptable plants, they do not "thrive on neglect." They merely exist with neglect, but thrive on tender loving, low maintenance care.


LIGHT Indoors- Give succulents the brightest light or sunniest window that you can provide. Most succulents are not happy in shady corners or north-facing windows as they need at least four hours of strong light daily if they are grown indoors. I’ve kept my succulents in an east facing window, right up against the window, and they’ve done really well.

 Outdoors- Some succulents can tolerate full sun, however, it is important to realize that during the hottest days of summer all plants would prefer some refuge from the harsh afternoon sun. Many succulents thrive in an area that receives morning sun, and is protected from the stronger afternoon rays. 


WATER When in doubt, err on the under-watering side as it’s easier for plants to recover from that as opposed to overwatering. Before watering succulents, be careful to make sure the plant even needs water! If the soil is bone dry throughout the top inch or so, go ahead and water. But water slowly; be mindful of containers that drain, which is preferred. As you water it, let it “sip”, allowing the water to slowly seep into it since succulent can soil tend to be slow to absorb.  You want the soil to be moist throughout, but not oversaturated. Never let plants sit in water.


TEMPERATURE Succulents will go dormant and manage just fine in overnight temperatures of 35° to 40°F. Don’t let your plant friends reach freezing temperatures. Brrrr! On the other hand, protect your succulents from extreme heat. If temperatures reach close to 100°F, be sure to shade your plants and provide air circulation, especially if humid.

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